Marc Donaldson launches new site in-line with re-branding and colour scheme.

New website built using up-2-date development methodologies / design guidelines to help engage visitors, as my previous site was dated and did not work on all platforms.

Marc Donaldson launches new site in-line with re-branding and colour scheme

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new site.

If you happen to know me you will know that I have been working really hard over the last couple of days to re-brand & re-launch my own personal website.

This website was built with new development methologies / design guidelines, new technologies, and of course has new functionality to help engage my visitors, as my previous site was not as flexible and looked very dated.

Well, I am extremely happy to say that I am glad that I bit the bullet, and told myself to schedule in some time to work on it as i am very pleased with the outcome so far.

I did find it was a difficult process at first coming up with a design that could work for both mobile / desktop and portable platforms and still keep the content readable,fluid and easy to use for my website visitors.

Not being a expert designer I had to look at other creative / corporate and personal websites for inspiration which took a bit of time as I had to look at these designs and then add in my own flair to make it have originality.

I hope you like my new look and find the site helpful. This is only the start of my new site and I will be making ongoing changes to the site.

Stay tuned! Oh and watch out for new posts to the blog too..

Publisher: Marc Donaldson
Published: February 25, 2013
Last modified: January 18, 2014
Created: January 12, 2014

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